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Preset  Wedding Designs

All our Preset designs are bespoke in design, however other couples are free to use them too so they won’t be unique to just you*. All our designs are priced the exact same, so the only variations are what sort of package you are after. The preset designs are much cheaper than our bespoke service but you will still get the same level of service as well as some flexibility in the design if you wish.

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If you see a preset design you would like to use,
please contact us for more information referencing your chosen design.

*If you see a preset design that you absolutely love, but are put off by the thought it can be used by someone else for their wedding. Don't worry, all our designs are also available for purchase. So they can be yours and yours alone. For an increased cost, we will remove the design from our lists, so from that point on nobody else will be able to use it.