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At Arctic Leaf Creative, we specialise in creating designs that help brands grow and stand apart.


We also love helping to make events and weddings even more special by creating unique stationary which truly reflects the theme and meaning of the day and the personalities of the host.


We are able to provide all of our customers with an expert, personalised service which is tailored to their specific needs - be it a large corporation that requires some design assistance, a start up that requires an iconic logo, or an individual needing some invitations for a birthday party.


While we are a design business first and foremost, we have extensive knowledge of the print world, its processes and requirements and are able to manage the print production of your design with our trusted suppliers.


Preset designs can be a more budget friendly option while still providing you with access to great design. We are also able to personalise and amend our preset designs to suit your needs*.


Bespoke designs mean that we will consult with you throughout the design process and create a unique product, perfectly tailored to your needs. Our consultation process throughout the design work also enables you to have full control over the design and ensures that the final product is exactly right.

At Arctic Leaf we can create beautiful bespoke designs from scratch or we have a number of fantastic preset designs available. If you would like something in-between, or have been particularly inspired by one of our preset designs, we can also consult with you to amend one of our preset designs to exactly suit your needs.




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Your brand identity is how you communicate your brand's personality and experience. The visual elements of your brand identity, such as the logo, colour palette and typography, are the face of your brand and communicate your business' identity to the world.


Good design will help to ensure that your business makes a great first impression and that your brand’s personality is properly represented and communicated.


If you would like a consultation to discuss bespoke branding or rebranding options please get in touch.


Additionally we have a number of preset logo designs that are available for purchase or personalisation. Click  below to explore what we have to offer on the Preset Logo page!


Great marketing enables businesses to engage their target audience based on their wants, needs and awareness of a brand and the products and services offered. As people are visual creatures, good visual content is a remarkably effective way to drive engagement with your customers.

Examples of marketing and advertising we can help with, include:



Whether you are just looking for invitations, a full wedding package or somewhere in-between we would love for you to get in touch.

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Stationary is one of the most important decisions you need to make when planning a wedding. It sets the tone of what guests should expect and generates excitement and anticipation.


We love working with couples to create beautiful, bespoke wedding stationary that is unique to you and your wedding. Whether you are looking for something lavish and opulent or cute and quirky we are happy to help - we can even incorporate personalised illustrations!

Make any occasion unforgettable.




Whether you are just looking for a card, invitations or a fully coordinating package we would love for you to get in touch.

We are not just passionate about weddings, we love creating stationary for all events and occasions. Whether it’s a conference, black tie ball, charity fundraiser, christening, baby announcement, birthday party or any other event, we can help!


Custom stationary helps to create a unique, personal impression and ensures that the design fully captures and communicates the message you want to send.


Preset event stationary is due to be released soon, in the meantime, perhaps consider an amended version of one of our preset Wedding designs!


*Please note extensive amendments to our preset designs may result in reasonable, additional cost. The cost of all changes and amendments will be clearly set out and agreed before work is completed.

If you need anything else, get in touch and we will be more than happy to help, or provide a recommendation if it is outside or our skill set. We have previous experience in consulting on website design and Luke is always keen to create some custom illustrations!

Can't find what you're after? Get in touch and we will be happy to help with your search.

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